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Four cornerstones for a website

Stylish design


Powerful WordPress

Happy customer

Tulensytyttäjä is a web design company founded by Jukka Lahtinen in 2017. Tulensytyttäjä is focused on creating unique WordPress based websites. The mission is to make internet more responsive and beautiful one website at a time.

Emphasis on the happy

Most recent works


I did a new website for finnish pop-band LCMDF.
See the page


I did a website with a voting feature for finnish animal rights association
See the page


I did a digital portfolio page for mixing engineer Kane Kaspar Heinonen.
See the page


I did a light responsive website for a finnish record label.
See the page


I did a responsive web magazine layout for Rellu's high school.
See the page


I did a service website for couple and family therapist Salla-Maaria Alamäki.
See the page

The phases of a website process

  • 1. I listen to what you want to achieve
  • 2. We generate ideas for the site together
  • 3. I make the first draft for the website
  • 4. We perfect that draft together
  • 5. I optimize the page for every device
  • 6. We acquire a webhotel + domain for you
  • 7. I install WordPress and upload the site
  • 8. I give you support updating the website

What does a website cost?

When you order a website from me, you only pay for my work. Here is an example what a page like tulensytyttaja.fi would cost.

   2 days work / vat 0%  

Notice that you also need a webhotel for your website. Webhotel holds all the data of the website (images etc.). You also get a domain with your webhotel, f.ex. www.domain.com

If you don’t already have a webhotel, I can help you getting one for the website.

The cost for a web hotel varies lot depending on the service provider. You can get a decent web hotel for under 10€ / month. Basicly any web hotel with atleast 1 MySQL database is enough for a website. If you are looking for a cheap solution, you should check out this one: https://www.one.com/

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